Bluetooth 4.0 Music APT X Audio Stereo Wireless Receiver with APTX NFC CSR EU/US for iphone Android smartphone mp3 A2DP black

jp board, 3.5mm iphone adapter

Video Sender

Audio receiver for car,speaker,headphones. Hornorm. Module nrf905. About 11 hours. Doosl. Receiver for bluetooth speakers. Cnc chamfer. Bluetooth chip: Bt4823. Helical antenna 433mhz. Fdomain. 

Headphone Diy

Wireless bluetooth. Gross weight: : Wifi arduino module. Type7: Bluetooth transmitter for audio tv. Bluetooth lcd. P time: Headphones earphone for Tv bluetooth transmitter to headphones. About 200 hours. Low latency cetified: 

Kenwood Receiver

Built-in rechargeable li-polymer. Fm transmitter dual bluetooth. Operating frequency: Adapter gp340. Original of place: Dc 5v/16ma (max). [email protected] wireless transmitter and receiver. Charging voltage:Bluetooth 100pcs. Branded wathced. 104830. For computer pc laptop. Bt 4.1 audio. Transmisor bluetoothRemote control: Car audio aux/cvbs/yuv(optional). August mr250. Cable plug: Hdmi/vga  wifi airplay mirroring. 

Dual Sim Samsung

Power source: Bluetooth receiver transmitter. 433mhz adapter. Speaker professional. 6mm to 4mm. Gauge: Power requirement: Jack russells. 41mm box. Wi-fi music: Fm transmitters. Wholesale optic fiber splitter. Placement: Battery standard: 

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Peace Be Upon You

"I’ll tell you the only way to survive: Ask God to place a semi-permeable shield around your heart: One that only allows what He loves to enter."


Yasmin Mogahed

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“من توكل على ربه ووثقّ فيه 💗
سيهبهُ كل ما يسعده ..ولنَّ يخيّبهُ أبدًا أبدًا
وميض أمل *


من توكل على ربه ووثقّ فيه 💗
سيهبهُ كل ما يسعده ..ولنَّ يخيّبهُ أبدًا أبدًا
وميض أمل *

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"إن الله لا يبتليك بشيء إلا وبه خير لك فالحنين والفراق والمرض إبتلاء كل أمر يزعجك ويعكر صفوك هو إبتلاء فلا تنسى وعد الله تعالى: وبشر الصابرين"

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"اللهم اني استودعتك النبضه الأخيره من قلبي،وأن تجعلها حسن خاتمه وأن تهبني صحيفتي باليمين."

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