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Carding is a process in which carders (for example Ccshopru, Carddumpswithpin and Cheapdumpswithpin) make multiple attempts to verify the validity of someone else's credit/debit cards. They use bots to simultaneously run thousands of purchases. Successful cards are automatically organized in lists
Personal data

For a merchant, carding means chargeback penalties and poor merchant history, among other things. Pro carders, such as Freeccshop and Debitcarddumpswithpin, offer data sets with complete financial info about cardholders. They can also misuse medical and other personal data
Active payment cards

In a carding situation, carders (a person or a website such as Cvvshopbitcoin, Ferumccshop and Ccshopfree) test long lists of credit card data against payment systems to identify active payment cards. When carders get lists of card numbers, they don't know their quality and need to identify valuable cards. They use their own channels, such as dark web marketplaces, to acquire these lists

Carding goes undetected by the cardholder. Once the funds are transferred, it's really hard to get them back. For merchants, carding looks like reduced average basket price or failed payment authorizations